The Big Walk - 5th Anniversary

The 5th Annual "Big Walk" took place on May 10, 2014 along the East Coast Greenway. This 50-mile event goes from Metropark Station, Iselin NJ to Penn Station NY, our longest, most diverse and perhaps toughest urban hike that we offer. Its a unique physical and mental challenge that ends in glory, and sometimes agony, in mid-town NYC. The route for this walk has many transportation options - especially trains - that allows you to design your own shorter version.

This year we faced a tough weather forecast which started fine but was destined to dump showers and strong winds on us. Fortunately, the temperatures were mild in the low-mid 60s and while most of us were quite wet at some point mid-day we were able to dry off enough to finish. The weather held many of us up and led to 7 finishers and another half-dozen falling just short of time.

"The Big Walk" is a tough long walk through suburban and urban New Jersey ending in New York City organized by the FreeWalkers and in support of the East Coast Greenway. The Greenway staff also provide much appreciated SAG assistance along the way until Liberty State Park.

50 mile route stops



Story cover from Life Magazine 1963Background on The Big Walk

The origin of a 50-mile walk, or urban hike, dates back in the 1963 when President Kennedy challenged the American Public to actively pursue a better, healthier lifestyle. Today, although we know more about how to live better,  we often make the wrong choices or are too busy to pay proper attention to our own health and creating communities that we want to live in.

Each February the FreeWalkers host the 50-Mile Kennedy Walk on the same route where Robert F. Kennedy originally walked 50-miles on behalf of his brother's interest in physical fitness for all Americans. Join us next year in Washington for a repeat of that 50-mile adventure on the C&O Canal.

By participating in the "Big Walk" we can break out and experience a new pro-pedestrian movement that provides opportunities to exercise, experience and contribute to improving our communities as well as ourselves. It's up to you to create your own challenge and test your own limits.